Because unions fought against child labor, your children do not look like this.

If you think Unions serve no purpose, think again. If Unions are destroyed, there will be no one to stop corporations from using children again for the most vile and dangerous work, such as mines and factories as they once did in the early part of the 20th century, a mere one hundred years ago. YOUR CHILDREN!  In communist nations like China, children are forced to work so unprincipled American corporations can expand their profit margins. Do you believe they would not do it to our own children if we did not have American unions to stand in the way? Get REAL! They ARE doing it in China! They WILL do it here if we let them!



Those of us who work for Corporations know all too well that the management believes in one way, dictatorial rule. We as Americans would never accept that if our government tried to impose such a ruthless system upon us. Yet we accept and believe that this is a right of a business to treat us in ways that civilized nations have rejected in law for centuries. We Americans of the 21 st Century have accepted a corporate dictatorship as our ultimate arbiter of our everyday lives. 

We no longer feel the pangs of government because the biggest influence on our lives today are our employers. Yet most Americans don't dream to impose the same restrictions on employer power as they demand be imposed on the government they control. 


What brainwashing has taken place that we fought a Civil War to end slavery in this nation, yet willingly, almost impetuously, impose the same undemocratic conditions on ourselves and our fellow Americans in the corporate world? 

Because they pay us? They are not "giving" us anything, they are trading dollars for our labor..an even trade. We do not owe our employers anything at all. That our employer demand  more than they pay us for is emotional blackmail. It is tyranny of the highest order.

An American opposed to government tyranny must also be opposed to ALL tyranny, even that of their employers. And law must protect workers from undemocratic powers asserted by corporate employers as vigorously as it protects against government tyranny. 

For times have changed. 

The Constitution was written to protect us from the concentrated power of government, the only form of power extant at the time...yet today, corporate employers have vastly MORE power over our lives today that any government of the 18th century dared dream of. So what to do? 

The founders set up an adversary system of government with competing , balancing branches of power....checks and balances. It is high time that corporations were subjected to the same principle. 

Unions when first formed, were a militant reaction to corporate abuse and inhumanity. Today, unions have been gutted, portrayed in a century old model of militant socialism and anti business warfare. But that serves neither unions nor America as a nation. 

Todays unions must be resurrected as a counter balance to unrestricted corporate power. They must rise to a new level of sophistication and recognize their place as partners in the business world, but  with a sacred duty to serve as a check and balance to the interests of corporate power. 

We call for a new Union movement, one that moves decisively away from old style class warfare and socialist solidarity cant, and into a position of authoritative, legally binding advocates for the working people of this nation, whether union members or not. Corporate power must be balanced by worker and citizen power, and American Unions are the only entity that can effectively act as advocates for the public. 

American workers are not the enemy of Democracy. Unchecked power is, whether government or corporate. Form a Union at your workplace and Feel The Power our Founders intended the everyday person to feel!

We call for America to UNION UP!
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